Hi I hope this helps...Two ways to do this... Remove steering wheel (You will need a wheel puller to take the steering wheel off ), leaving the housing in place. This is a little harder to get precise but involves less labor such as the wiring... Or remove the lock cylinder housing from the bus and use a drill press to be able to drill a precise hole in lock cylinder. You can tilt the housing to get a straight shot.

        Drill the first hole thru the housing at about 4 mm to the right of the center of the "d" in the word locked.The center being in the round part of the d. This hole should be about 3/8 of a inch in diameter because you will have to tilt the housing or the drill to get a good line to the lock cylinder.

        The second hole is drilled in the lock cylinder itself thru the first hole. As best as you can measure 22mm from the face of the lock cylinder tumbler assembly (the part where the key goes)inward toward the first hole. This is an eyeball measurement but get it at precise as possible. Your measurment should end at the center of your first hole.

        Drill a 1/8th hole in the wall of the lock cylinder keeping the drill at a 90 degree angle to the center line of the cylinder itself. The wall is less than 1/8in thick so go slow. If your measurements are correct you will be on top of a flat spring. That spring is what locks the key tumbler assembly in the cylinder. Use something that will go down in the hole to push on the spring. With the key in the on position push in on the spring and pull out the tumbler assembly with the key. They dont have true pics so this drawing should help. A small interior plug will fill the hole in the housing.


Good luck...VWBR